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I love their flour tortillas...have been devoted to them for about 8 years (they have them at Costco), but I had no idea they made corn and multigrain tortillas...I've feeling serious tortilla envy. Glad you got to try them. I think they're the best. (Now no one in my family likes the thicker store-bought flour tortillas...they're spoiled.) (Oh and they freeze well so we don't actually eat them all in two weeks!)


Hmmm. I'll have to check these out. I make my own tortillas with masa, and they're so danged easy, quick, and yummy, that I never buy pre-made tortillas anymore.
However, I haven't conquered flour tortillas yet, and I've been craving some...so next time I head to the big city I just might pick up a bag of these to try.
Gah. I'm so hungry now!


I don't know if these are the same brand we get at the Sam's down here, but we love them. Nothing like fresh and so much easier than making them yourself.


These truely are awesome!! I've traveled to different Costco looking for them. Some stopped carrying thema nd the nearest store was 40 miles away. Well, they just opened a new Costco today near my home and to my surprize they had the flour and the corn!!! :) I haven't tried the corn yet but if the taste is anything like the flour...we will be sooooo happy. Thanks to Tortillaland for such delicious products and thanks for having Costco carry them!!!!

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