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liz w

Yes, I have seen a moose in the wild. They are totally bizarre looking in person.

Rhonda Mock

Come to think of it, I HAVEN'T seen a moose in the wild....Here in the mountains, we have deer, and lots of 'em, we have wild turkey....we even have bears and coyotes....but I haven't seen moose...Hmmmmm.....


Yes! I have seen a moose! I love them dearly, and my family knows the vehicle will make about umpteen stops on any road trip where there's even the remotest possibility that there might be a moose lurking nearby. We've stopped for fence-posts, tree-stumps, large rocks, and on occasion a moose!
Scroll down this post a little bit to see one.

Jane M

Nope the only Moose I see are on TV! Cute cookies! Your decorators are quite the pros! And oh so serious too!


I've never seen a moose (I don't think) but one time in my youth - I saw a reindeer (I thought) that was surrounded by a purplish hue - but I was a little drunk....


No, I have never seen a moose in the wild but it would be kinda cool to!

Jennifer F.

Nope. Never seen a moose!

Jennifer Juniper

I have!!! We live in Ontario, Canada and regularly visit Algonquin National Park for camping and we have spotted them several times. I've even watched a mama and her calves - pretty cool!

Jennifer Juniper

oh, and I've shared your link on my facebook page! Cheers!


I have! The first one I saw was eating the bushes outside a Chili's in Anchorage (Alaska), it still makes me giggle because the last place you'd expect to see your first moose is in a strip mall.


Yes, I've seen them up north, they are huge! It's funny any time I see an animal in the wild I get shivers!!!

Robin H

I have never seen a moose, but it would be fun to see!


Yes I have seen a moose. It was in Denali Park in Alaska.
I thought it was really neat to see a real live moose.
They are not attractive but cute in their own way.


Sure have seen a moose 'in person'! But I wouldn't want to get too close... I hear they can be rather unpleasant to deal with.

Sara M

I have seen many moose in my day!

Nee Nee

I can't say that I have... Moose don't like Texas too much!


Does the Moose Lodge down the street from where I grew up count? Haha just kidding but yest I've seen some moose up north before I think we were in Oregon at the time.

Christy McCreight

I have never seen a moose as i live in the south. However my son, Oscar and I both enjoy moosetracks ice cream!!! :)


I have seen a moose...but only in a zoo type situation. I have, however, seen elk in the wild. I'd rather see a moose.


I have seen a live moose, several times. But the most memorable encounter was when I was canoeing in Minnesota. We came around a bend and a giant bull moose was in the middle of the stream. We stopped our canoe and a frightening staring contest until he darted into the woods. Quite scary and exhilirating at the same time.

Shannon Brown

I have seen a family of moose in the wild! The baby moose were pretty cute in person. I would not want to run into one on the road though!

Amanda N

I wish I could say yes, since I hear they are so impressive; but I have never seen a moose. I love the cookie cutters. Thanks for the giveaway.


Nope, can't say I've ever seen a moose before!


No, I've never seen a moose but my husband has, but that probably doesn't count! And I love Ann Clark cutters.


I only have seen a moose once, I was going to my brothers house in South Woodbury, VT and I came up around a corner and there he was in the middle of the road...I almost pee'd myself...he was HUGE!!!!...he looked at me and turned and walked back into the woods. Being a Vermonter you would think I would have seen more than just one but that was the only time.

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