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I was behind an elderly woman once who didn't have enough money to pay for the few groceries she had. It wasn't much, I paid the difference. It felt good.

Several years later I found myself in the same boat, little cash, no credit card, forgot checkbook, and the lady behind me paid the difference. That felt good too.

Thanks for the chance. Kindness helps the world go around.


Last week I was doing laundry in the laundromat and another woman asked if I had change for a dollar. I had only taken enough in to one load so I smiled sadly and told her no. But I found four quarters in my car so I took them back in so the woman could finish her laundry. She told me to have a blessed day. :)


I'm not bragging (honestly) but I try to do kind things as much as possible - taking an elderly friend food, to the doctor, shopping, etc., baking for people who don't expect it, taking our neighbors trash cans in, shoveling their walk, etc. Life is just way too short to not be kind.


On a cold and rainy night I tipped the sonic waitress $10 for my 1.50 order--she thought I was confused at first but then it really seemed to make her night!


I got into an argument with a woman at the gas station one morning; I don't even remember over what, something dumb. About halfway, it suddenly occurred to me that I was being stupid, and that we were both probably just late and stressed and cold. So, I stopped her midway and said just that, and apologized. She burst into tears. Turns out she was in her ex-husband's truck and he had just been screaming at her and now she couldn't get the gas cap off the car and ... yeah, she was having a horrible day. I went over and played around with the gas cap until we got her off, and when I left, she gave me a hug.


I was in the middle of a stressful week, the kind where I don't get to have dinner at home until Friday and somebody has a meeting or event every night of the week. On Wednesday night, my boyfriend had spent the night. On Thursday, while I was at work, he cleaned the kitchen, the living, and did all the laundry. I was so happy and surprised when I got home.


My friend and I were at a Pens game, the game was over, everyone was crammed into the stairwells and hallways to go home. We saw these European tourists trying to take their picture in front of the ice. They were having a rough time cramming 4 people into the photo with only arms length. We stopped and took their picture for them. They were thrilled. It was something so little, but felt good to stop and help someone who needed a hand.


I was sitting in the turning lane about to make a left hand turn when I noticed a car on the side of the road just beyond where I was about to turn onto the side street. There was smoke coming out from under the hood of the car. Just as I turned the corner and was about to drive past the car the owner opened the hood of his car and the engine burst into flames. All I could think of was that I had an old 4ft coiled oval rug in the back of my old Dodge Mini Van (we didn't have carpet back there so we used the rug.) I quickly drove past the burning car and parked, I told my kids to "stay in the van!!!" I jumped out of the van ran to the back doors and peeled the wet (we lived in Houston, it rains a lot and the van leaked) rug off the floorboards and ran down the bar-ditch screaming "get back I have a wet rug!" The poor owner was shocked to see a crazy lunatic woman running at him and 'frisbee-ing' a 4ft rug onto the engine of his car.... instantly smothering the fire out. White steam billowed out and a huge sizzling sound erupted. The owner stood there with his mouth gaping as I calmly said "do you have someone you'd like me to call for you? (pre cell phone days) My house is just up the road." A day or two later we were passing the site of the fire and my 5 yr old son said "Mom do you think the man kept our rug to put out a fire with?" I told him "I hope so!"


I came into my office one day with a huge burn on my hand from the oven. The next day, there was a brand new oven mitt on my desk! My office mate bought me one so that I could protect my hand!!


its pretty lame compared to other entries here but on black friday at oh... i'd say 3am ish. I was standing in line at kohls with lots of coupons that i didnt need. so while my cousin kept our spot in line i went up and down it trying to find people to give the coupons to. I managed to give them all out. Hopefully it helped those people's holidays a little easier!

Heather H

I usually will compliment strangers if I think they are wearing something unique and interesting. It always brightens my day when someone compliments me, so I try to pass that along. ^_^

andrea estes

Today, my boyfriend took off work. He took me out to breakfast and then to get my car fixed. I am very lucky to have him!


We recently had a winter storm with blizzard conditions. The other nurse I was working with was from out of town (she lived in the country) and I offered to have her come stay at my house.


I was a single parent with a young daughter when I opened a small antique shop in our home. I desparately wanted to making a living at this so I could raise my daughter at home. It did not go well for quite a while and having $2 in my checking account was common. And then, customers began coming in and buying things. One day we had a profit. I took half the profit and broke it up into five dollar bills. It was the Christmas season and we went to town to see the parade with Santa. I handed my daughter the money and asked her to give $5 to anyone she saw who looked lonely and/or hungry and just to say Merry Christmas! I watched as she did what I asked. When she returned she was smiling from ear to ear! It led to a conversation about giving...when you give it must be freely. Don't tell the person to get food or coffee. Maybe the money will be spent in a way we wouldn't agree with, but once given it is not our money anymore. We still give money to people on the street over 20 years later.


When I'm at a grocery store, and the person in front of me doesn't have enough, I always make up the difference...especially if it is an elderly person.

Ruth Ann Ryan

Don't know if this is an act of kindness or an act of crime prevention. Many supermarkets in our area are located near places where purse snatching seems to be thought of as supplemental income.
When I see a LOL in the market (little old lady, not laughing out loud) they almost always put their handbag in the seat of the cart then wander here and there for their items. When I remind them of what could happen it's almost always "oh my goodness, how could I be so careless)! When checking out, they're always hanging onto their bags for dear life but smiling. If I helped one LOL to prevent a broken arm or worse, I feel it's worth it!

Laura Lynn Milby

I was Christmas shopping during the crazy holiday season and was standing in line when I realized I had one too many coupons so asked the person behind me in line if she wanted my other one. She went CRAZY saying how she was already spending just a little more than she should've and how much the discounted price would help her! Love and kindness are what makes living worth while! :)


My brother is in the process of helping me find and haggle for a car. That is SO something I'm not equipped to do, and he loves it. So, I've learned that my tormenting and teasing older brother can be kind!


I am currently a substitute teacher. I subbed for a teacher who was off for maternity leave before Christmas. On the last day I was there, I had the students make cards for the teacher when she came back. One of the students(one who had given me the most trouble!) asked for an extra piece of paper and said that he was going to make a card for his mom and dad. At the end of the day, he walked up and gave a card to me instead! Inside it said that the students I worked with would always be in my heart. It was a great way to end that particular sub job!


Before Christmas I was at the pharmacy picking up my meds since I would run out soon and they would be closed. I waited patiently and finally got them but I noticed that I received 2 too many. I called up the pharmacist (I was in the drive-thru) and told him that he charged me only for 1 but was giving me 3. Was I tempted to keep them? At $30 each, you betcha. But it was the holidays and I knew the Big Boss was watching even if no one else was. I told the guy to have a Merry Christmas and off I went. I feared he would lose his job over this discrepancy and, my husband, who works for the company I get my meds from, thanked me.


My husband surprised me and took my car to the car wash. That is my least favorite chore. What a treat!


I live in an apartment complex. The other day I put my trash outside my door, and was going to take it to the dumpster on my way out. I finished getting ready. When I walked outside someone had taken my trash for me. I just couldn't believe it, I thought it was such a nice thing to do. So a few days later I was leaving for work, when I noticed my neighbor had set their trash outside, so I took it for them. Very "Pay it Forward". Of course with my luck the person who took my trash was an identity theif ;).


The situation that comes to my mind instantly is when I was involved in a hit and run accident. I was waiting to turn left at a light, and from the oncomming traffic, a car veered into me and just took off. I was all alone, had never been in a car accident before, and was pretty freaked out. There were two witnesses who made it so much better for me. The first was a motorcycler behind me, who took off after the car when it happened. He came back a little while later to tell me that he couldn't find the person, but it was nice that he tried. The second witness was this wonderful older woman. She ran over to me as soon as it happened, and just hugged me, and stayed with me until the police showed up. She was so supportive and nice and comforting, it really helped to calm me down.


Yesterday I took a class that was held in a hotel downtown. When it was over, the line to exit the parking garage was outrageous (there were 600 people in my class, and several other conferences going on at the same time). We crawled along for about 20 minutes before I neared the actual exit. I dug the my credit card out to pay the TWENTY DOLLAR parking fee (ouch) and fantasized about what I would rather be doing with the money (oh, I don't know... buying KIND bars? ;-) ) When I reached the gate, the attendant came out of the booth, raised the arm manually, and let me go through for FREE! I looked at him bewildered and he gave me a huge grin and said, "Have a nice day, ma'am." No explanation, just random awesome. It was great!


My mom and my grandmother both hand-piece and quilt as well as doing needle point. I love and appreciate the art but these are two things I have never had an interest in learning.

I decided it for Christmas, I would ask my grandmother to teach me to quilt a pillow for my mom and I asked my mom to teach me how to needle point a pillow for my grandmother as a surprise. Each person got to pass down something they wanted to share with me all the while thinking they were doing it in order to surprise the other.

It was some of the best time I spent with both of them and for me that was the true gift. I am not sure if this counts but it is what came to mind.

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