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June 27, 2010


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that is cleverer than clever - you are a clever girl!


I've always wanted to grow garlic, but I don't know where to start. Should I start with seeds or the actual clove? What time of year would be the best time to start?


here in Malta (Europe, not the town in the US) we actually hang them the other way round, as farmers say that the bulb keeps taking nutrients from the stalk (and in fact they do tend to get bigger). After some time the stalk turns brown and dries, and it pretty much falls off.

Ours have already reached that stage, otherwise I would have posted a photo of our bunch.

I'm no expert but over here we use the actual clove. In fact, if you leave cloves out, after a while they start growing! I don't think we've ever used seeds, so I can't comment about that :)


We plant the cloves, not seeds. And we plant them in the fall - October, I think. Spaced about 6 apart and a couple inches deep, pointy end up. Cover, water, and ignore them. They might even start sprouting in the fall, which is fine. Just leave them alone through the winter and theyll be fine. Weve harvested ours about the end of June, but yours may be ready sooner, given the warmer climate. You wait til a bunch of the leaves go yellow or brown and droopy, and then its time to pull them. Good luck!

Brittany McClure

I recently got married and my husband and I moved into a new house and discovered that next to my newly planted garden there was garlic.....! I harvested for the first time last week and was wondering how should I start my next batch and when? I read some of the comments before that you can start it by using the cloves but can you use the seeds?


Hi Brittany,

What a great find!

Ive got absolutely no experience in growing garlic from seeds. As I understand things (given my limited garlic-growing experience, of course), seed garlic is merely garlic (the individual cloves) used to grow more garlic. So if you want to grow garlic again, just choose the best head of garlic youve harvested and let that dry out until the stalks are brown, cut about an inch or so above the garlic bulb or head, and store in a cool, dry place (we keep ours in a brown paper bag). Then, in the fall, we break the garlic apart and plant the outer, larger cloves. Those are the seeds. There are also plenty of websites out there devoted to growing garlic - Id check those out, too. Good luck!

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